This Week’s Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

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  1. Top Ten 2Tish Harrison Warren (New York Times Op-Ed), I Married The Wrong Person, And I’m So Glad I Did
  2. Chronicle of Higher Education, American Launches Title IX Investigation Of 8 Law Students Who Criticized A Student’s Pro-Dobbs Views In Group Chat
  3. Abraham Sutherland (Virginia), Congress Takes Its War On Cash To Digital Assets: Understanding Tax Code Section 6050I
  4. David Lat (Original Jurisdiction), Free Speech And Cancel Culture: A Tale Of Two Law Schools
  5. Renee Nicole Allen (St. John’s), Get Out: Structural Racism In The Legal Academy And Academic Terror
  6., Supreme Court Refuses To Consider Race, Sex Bias Claims Against NYU Law Review
  7. Wall Street Journal, Columbia Will Not Submit Data To U.S. News This Year After Math Professor Questioned Its #2 Ranking
  8. Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Lesson From The Tax Court: A Reasonable Basis For Deducting Scrubs?
  9., Seventeen New Law School Deans Begin Their Terms Today
  10. ProPublica, Ten Ways Billionaires Avoid Taxes On An Epic Scale

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