This Week’s Ten Most Popular TaxProf Blog Posts

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  1. Top Ten 2Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Lesson From The Tax Court: No §163 Deduction From Foreclosure Proceeds
  2. Wall Street Journal, Comey|McCabe IRS Audits AND ProPublica Tax Leak Should Be Investigated
  3. New York Times, Comey And McCabe, Who Infuriated Trump, Both Faced Intensive IRS Audits
  4. Paul Horwitz (Alabama), Should Undergraduate Degrees In Law Lead To Shortening Law School To Two Years By Separating Academic Study Of Law From Practical Training To Be Lawyers?
  5. New York Times, The IRS Is The Gatekeeper For Charities, But Approves 99.96% Of All Applications; Form 1023EZ = EZ Fraud
  6. Scott Devito (Ave Maria), Kelsey Hample (Furman) & Erin Lain (Drake), An Empirical Analysis Of Racial Bias In The UBE: A Law School’s First-Time Bar Pass Rate Decreases As Its Percentage Of Students Of Color Increases
  7. Vivia Chen (Bloomberg Law), Killing The LSAT In The Name Of Diversity Won’t Cure The Problem
  8. Inside Higher Ed, How Religious Colleges View The Dobbs Abortion Decision: Celebration (Liberty), Neutrality (Notre Dame), Condemnation (Emory)
  9. Danielle Conway (Dean, Penn State-Dickinson), Antiracist Lawyering in Practice Begins with the Practice of Teaching and Learning Antiracism in Law School
  10. Washington Post, Students, Alumni Push Back Against George Washington’s Refusal To Cancel Justice Thomas’s Con Law Seminar

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