17th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop Kicks Off Today At Illinois

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Illinois college of lawGaga Gondwe (NYU, moving to Wisconsin), The Black Tax: How the Charitable Contribution Subsidy Reinforces Black Poverty, 76 Tax L. Rev. ___ (2023)
Commentators: Jeesoo Nam (USC; Google Scholar), Goldburn Maynard (Indiana-Kelley; Google Scholar)

Hayes Holderness (Richmond), Individual Home-Work Assignments for State Taxes
Commentators: Andrew Appleby (Stetson; Google Scholar), Shelly Layser (Illinois; Google Scholar; moving to San Diego)

Shelly Layser, Fighting the Affordable Housing Crisis Through State-Federal Tax (Dis)Conformity
Commentators: Andrew Appleby, Hayes Holderness

Blaine Saito (Northeastern; Google Scholar), Public Tax Actors
Commentators: Ariel Jurow Kleiman (Loyola-L.A.; Google Scholar), Jeesoo Nam

Christine Speidel (Villanova; Google Scholar), “Taxpayer First” Innocent Spouse Adjudication
Commentators: Gaga Gondwe, Goldburn Maynard

Eleanor Wilking (Cornell), Estimating the Elasticity of Tax-Preferred Non-Wage Compensation to Top Marginal Tax Rates 
Commentators: Jonathan Choi (Minnesota; Google Scholar), Amanda Parsons (Colorado)

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