Brown Reviews Maynard’s Biden’s Gambit: Advancing Racial Equity While Relying On A Race-Neutral Tax Code

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Dorothy Brown (Emory; moving to Georgetown), The Biden Administration’s Racial Equity Challenges (JOTWELL) (reviewing Goldburn P. Maynard Jr. (Kelley School of Business, Indianal (Goolgle Scholar), Biden’s Gambit: Advancing Racial Equity While Relying on a Race-Neutral Tax Code, 131 Yale L.J. Forum 656 (2022)):

JOTWELL (2020)Professor Goldburn Maynard’s excellent Essay: Biden’s Gambit: Advancing Racial Equity While Relying on a Race-Neutral Tax Code, analyzes the Biden’s Administrations efforts to advance racial equity through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) enacted by Congress and signed into law on March 11, 2021.

Professor Maynard wryly observes that “[w]ith courts standing in the way, [racial equity] must be promoted in a neutral, indirect way that ignores systemic discrimination.” (P. 679.) Perhaps however it is the Biden Administration that should bear some responsibility for not engaging in better fact finding to prove its legislative scheme was narrowly tailored. Nevertheless, Professor Maynard’s conclusion is more than supported by constitutional precedent. Ultimately, Professor Maynard believes what is needed is “both targeted and universal programs to tackle inequality.” (P. 686.)

Professor Maynard ends on a positive note by observing that there is momentum building for racial equity work. He cites as examples sentencing disparities being reduced, support from President Biden for a commission to study reparations for slavery and segregation, and steps the Biden Administration has taken to work towards ending housing discrimination. Here’s hoping that momentum leads to increased racial equity outcomes.

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