2021-22 LSAT Registrants Down 21%; 33% Drop In June 2022 LSAT-Takers

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Law.com, LSAT Test Takers Down Approximately 21% for 2021-22 Cycle:

The 2021-22 cycle of Law School Admission Test administrations concluded with the June test, and shows that the number of people who registered to take the LSAT is down more than 21% compared with the previous cycle. … [LSAC’s] most recent figures show an 11.2% year-over-year decline in applicants and a 10.3% decline in applications.

Dave Killoran, CEO of PowerScore, and Spivey Consulting both tweeted last week that 15,500 took the June LSAT.

Spivey Consulting posted on Twitter that June 2022 registrants were down 23% as compared with June 2021, “but final test-takers ended up being down 33% (lots of no-shows).”

Killoran posted that “[l]ast June there were 23,085 LSAT takers. This June there were about 15,500. That’s a drop of about 1/3 from test to test. Great news if you are applying to law school this coming Fall!” …

So far, 15,235 have registered for the August test with a registration deadline of June 30. This is approximately a 40% decrease as compared to the number of registrants for the past two August administrations.

“We usually get a big uptick in registrations in the last week before registrations close,” an LSAC spokesperson said.

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